ADRA Ireland Mission Trip(s)

Group A: Sun 11th - Sun 25th July, 2010
Group B: Sun 15th - Sun 29th August, 2010


The Project:
The volunteers will accomplish has 5 main objectives - 
1. Rebuild a Rural School: this is the central activity of the project. In the first phase (11-25 July) the old windows, doors, roof and plaster will be removed and new walls built. Ducting will be installed for the electrics & plumbing. In the second phase the local council workers will replace the roof and prepare for plastering. In the third phase (15-29 Aug) the walls will be plastered and painted, electrical plumbing will be installed and the grounds landscaped.
2. Provide a Village Playground: the school, after re-construction will become the most used meeting place for the village building a playground will make a safe place for children to play.
3. Establish a Parents & Teachers Association: this makes sure that the children not only attend school but also get the best support from their family when they attend school.
4. Child & Family Training: for all the surrounding villages in the same council area we will provide crafts and sports each day for the children and family life training for mums.
5. Health Screening: linked to most schools is the village clinic with its nurse. We will provide basic health checks for the villagers.

We will need as many people as we can get! You just need to be 16 years of age or over and be willing to work as part of a team. Skilled volunteers are also needed in the following areas: building/construction & health. 
The volunteers will not only come from the Irish Mission, but also from Scotland & Wales as well.

We ask each volunteer to cover their own transport, food & accommodation = approx €400. [The youth ministries department hopes to be able to subsidise this for young people aged 16-25 years old. The subsidy will be approx €100. This subsidy will not be confirmed until Jan 2010.]
The school rebuilding project costs €40,000. We ask each volunteer to raise at least €250 towards the rebuilding cost.
i.e. total cost = €650 [minus any subsidy]

More information
Volunteer Factsheet (10Mb) - please read
Project Poster (8.5Mb)