Ballinacrow Weekend

Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th October

Registration is from 6pm onwards.
The first meal served will be tea on Friday which will be served from around 6.30/7.00pm onwards.
There will be several minibuses travelling from Belfast (church), through Banbridge (church), Drogheda (City North Hotel), and Dublin (The Square, Tallaght) down to Ballinacrow church. If you would like a lift in one of these you need to contact adam by texting your name, where you want picked up from and time time you plan to meet us (see below). 

Minibus 1:
Leaves Belfast 2.00pm
Leaves Banbridge 2.45pm
Leaves City North Hotel, 
Leaves Dublin Airport, 5pm
Leaves The Square, 5.45pm
Arrives Ballinacrow 6.30pm

Minibus 2:
Leaves Belfast, 4.30pm
Leaves Banbridge, 5.15pm
Leaves City North Hotel, 
Leaves The Square, 
Arrives Ballinacrow, 8pm

Minibus 3: 
not sure yet 

If you are having difficulty with the above times, please contact Adam on +44(0)7889 920990.

Departure (back home):
From 2pm on Sunday - personal travel. The minibuses will leave at 3pm (see below).
The final meal served will be lunch on Sunday.
Leave Ballinacrow, 3pm
The Square, 3.45pm
City North Hotel, 4.15pm
Banbridge, 5.45pm
Belfast, 6.30pm

Venue: Ballincrow Seventh-day Adventist Church, Baltinglass, Co Wicklow, Ireland.

Age groups:

€20 all inclusive

Pr Jeremy Brooks from the UK

You can apply online for this event OR download, print off and bring the form with you when you arrive.

You will need to bring the €20 with you to the Retreat.

What you need to bring:
Sleeping mat / airbed, sleeping bag and/or duvet, warm clothes, waterproof jacket, bible, toiletries, change of clothes!, pocket money (not required) ... anything else you think you might need ...


Who is already signed up for camp?

Name (male) Age Church Name (female) Age Church    
Athini Twantwa 12 Cork   Teja Kaare 11 Cork    
Sphelele Twantwa 15 Cork   Nyabwire Kaare 15 Cork    
Asi Ncame 14 Cork   Agnes Miroslawska 14 L'Derry    
Life Mkandawie 10 Cork   Kari Rothwell 15 Ballinacrow    
Joel Rothwell 12 Ballinacrow   Shauna Rothwell 14 Ballinacrow    
Paul Stephenson 15 Ballinacrow   Cara McKee 13 Belfast    
Jeffrey Stephenson 14 Ballinacrow   Shannon O'Brien 11 Belfast    
Connor McKee 11 Belfast   Esther Nwosuocha 10 Wexford    
Thomas McKibben 9 Banbridge   Madalina Moldovan 16 Drogheda    
Julian Nyaungwa 14 Dublin   Anatasia Carastefan 15 Banbridge    
Aaron O'Brien 10 Belfast   Liliana Andrews 8 Banbridge    
Dillon O'Brien 8 Belfast   Jeandre Coetser 8 Banbridge    
Athur Parvu 16 Dublin   Alice Leonard 13 L'Derry    
John Parvu 15 Dublin