Helping Us Help You!

Whether our Pathfinders enjoy themselves or not is quite often down the preparation of the class leader. If the Pathfinders do fun things each week in their classes, they will not only learn, but enjoy the experience of learning.

Creativity is the key! If you can present the material in a creative way, the Pathfinders will enjoy themselves. For most of us, creativity does not come naturally or instantly - often takes time to be creative. To help you be as creative as possible in your classes we are putting together as many ways as possible to help you present the classes creatively.

Below you will (in the end) find links to each of the classes. However, for now, as I am teaching the Friend course, you will only find material relating to this. At the moment there is only a very small amount of material here. When you teach your classes why not let us know what the Pathfinders enjoyed and how you taught that particular requirement creatively. Then together we can help each other as we share our moments of creativity. Please contact the youth ministries department to share your creativity.