Spiritual Discovery

Requirement No.1
"Memorise the Old Testament books of the Bible and know the five areas in which the books are grouped. Demonstrate your ability to find any given book."

Old Testament flashcards - pages 1-4 are the Old Testament books. If you can print on both sides you can print page 5 on the back of each of pages 1-4. This makes the cards more like cards instead of just pieces of paper/card. Use card instead of paper if you can, and print in colour if possible. You will then need to cut out the Old Testament books using a guillotine or scissors. If you have a large number of Friends you may want to split them into groups and get them to put the OT books in order as a group. If you only have a few Pathfinders you may want to get them to do it as individuals. Alternatively, you can print out the cards and then let the Friends cut them up themselves, then re-arrange them in the correct order. It's just a fun way to help them learn. There are lots of possibilities of things to do with the flashcards once they are made.