New Year's Retreat

Wed 30th Dec - Fri 1st Jan

Banbridge Seventh-day Adventist Church - it's very easy to find. Get directions here.

From 2pm onwards on the Wednesday
The first meal served will be tea on Wednesday which will be served from around 5.30/6pm.
Please make your own way to Banbridge.
From the Dublin direction you can catch the Ulsterbus/Bus Eireann service 200 from the city centre or Dublin airport. This service stops right across from the church in Banbridge.

If you are having difficulty with getting there and need help making arrangement or if travel is a problem don't just not come, but please contact Adam on +44(0)7889 920990. Hopefully we can help you work something out.

Departure (back home):
From 2pm on Friday. 
Again, if you need help with arranging public transport or another option, please speak to me ASAP.
The final meal served will be lunch on Friday.

Age groups:
8/9 years +

£30 / €35 all inclusive

Maureen Gatharia
Kari & Kerri will be our worship leaders

You can apply online for this event OR download, print off and bring the form with you when you arrive. If you plan on bringing the form with you when you arrive and have a food allergy or medical issue please make sure you inform us BEFORE you come so that we can make sure we're prepared! :) But, please ... if you can, apply online - it's so much easier for both of us...

If you 18 years old or above - please come and help us. We need staff ... :)

You will need to bring the £30 with you to the Retreat. A payment of €35 will also be accepted.

What you need to bring:
Sleeping mat / airbed, sleeping bag and/or duvet, warm clothes, waterproof jacket, bible, toiletries, change of clothes!, pocket money (not required); clothes which you can get dirty/muddy/wet (including a pair of trainers), comfortable footwear ... anything else you think you might need

Updated on 25th December - there WILL be 2 showers at the church. These will be port-a-showers and will be located outdoors, but they are "very nice" ... so bring stuff to wash with! :) lol

Sleeping facilities: boys & girls on the floor in the church hall/other facilities (no chicken shed for the lads...sorry, I know you'll miss it!!!)

1. Laser skirmishing on Thursday morning/afternoon for everyone.
2. Games, social time & free time, movies etc
3. A fun New Year's - yes, everyone gets to stay up past 12am!!! (for once)

Who is already signed up? (updated on 18 Dec)

Name (male) Age Church Name (female) Age Church    
Adam Keough staff Belfast
Lindita Vani staff Galway

Kevin O'Brien staff Belfast
Maureen Gatharia staff Dublin    
Stephen Wilson staff  Galway    Shirley Stephenson staff  Ballinacrow     

  Lorraine Rothwell staff  Ballinacrow     

Jeffrey Stephenson 14 Ballinacrow   Estera Dabrowska 10 Belfast     
Paul Stephenson 16 Ballinacrow
Monika Dabrowska 12 Belfast

Alice Leonard 13 L'Derry