What is Pathfinders?
Pathfinders is a worldwide youth organisation sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It has nearly 2 million members scattered across 80% of the countries of the world. The Pathfinder course caters for a wide age range. It has 5 levels for its members (aged 10-15 years of age); and then a number of leadership levels for those who want to carry on with Pathfinders in a growing leadership capacity (16 years old and above). Although Pathfinders is sponsored by local Seventh-day Adventist churches, youth of any faith-group are welcome to join.

Much of the program has to do with outdoor/nature activities which create self-confidence and an appreciation of God's creation. Such activities include camping, hiking, canoeing and other outdoor activities.

Scores of prepared special interest activities are also available where Pathfinders are able to focus on interest areas that appeal to them.

Pathfinders exists to:
1. Help young people to understand that God loves them, cares for them and appreciates them.
2. Encourage young people to discover their own God-given potential.
3. Inspire young people to give personal expression of their love for God.
4. Make the number one priority of the club program the personal salvation of every Pathfinder.
5. Build into a young person's life a healthy appreciation and love for God's creation.
6. Teach young people specific skills and hobbies that will make their lives more meaningful and will occupy their time with profitable accomplishments.
7. Encourage young people to keep physically fit.
8. Give opportunity to develop and enlist leadership.
9. Seek to foster the harmonious development of the physical, social, intellectual and spiritual life of young people.

By the grace of God,
I will be pure and kind and true.
I will keep the Pathfinder Law.
I will be a servant of God
and a friend to man.

The Pathfinder Law is for me to:
1. Keep the morning watch.
2. Do my honest part.
3. Care for my body.
4. Keep a level eye.
5. Be courteous and obedient.
6. Walk softly in the sanctuary.
7. Keep a song in my heart.
8. Go on God's errands.

Club Meetings
Pathfinder Club meetings, generally held weekly or bi-weekly, are an occasion for members to wear either their field uniform or their Pathfinder dress uniform, including scarf, specialized insignia, and honor badges.

A Pathfinder Club's imagination, resources, and location often determine its group activities- ranging from community and world development projects to nature and outdoor activities such as parades, backpacking, park cleanups, canoe trips, and many others. Pathfinders even plan and cook their own meals when camping! Pathfindering challenges the unique talents of each participant.

Clubs often plan day trips to national parks and nature centers, museums, businesses, health and social welfare facilities, and other places of local historical interest.

Pathfinders serve their local communities by coming close to people through personal ministries, particularly in providing food and service projects to the less advantaged and shut-in. Some clubs collect food, clothing, and money and distribute baskets at special holiday times like Christmas.

All Pathfinder leaders are Christians. Their belief in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ motivates them to spend time ministering to young people. By their teaching and example they show what it means to be a living, vibrant Christian in today's world.

Download words & music here

"Oh we are the Pathfinders strong,
The servants of God are we.
Faithful as we march along
In truth and purity.
A message to tell to the world,
A truth that will set us free.
King Jesus the Savior is coming back for you and me!"

Download info about emblem

What the parts of the emblem represent:
Red colour
Represents the blood of Jesus Christ and that Pathfinders believe that He gave His life as salvation from sin.
White colour
Represents purity, and how the objective of Pathfinder it to have the purity and righteousness of Jesus Christ in their lives.
Blue colour
Represents loyalty and how one of the objectives of the Club is to be loyal to God, their parents and the church.
Gold colour
Represents excellence and how it is a standard of measurement. The Pathfinder Club has high standards to help build a strong character for the Kingdom of Heaven.
3 sides
Represent the completeness of the Godhead: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. It also represents the tripod of education: mental, physical and spiritual.
Represents protection. In the Bible God is often called the shield of His people. Pathfinders believe in God's protection.
Represents the Bible. Pathfinders are in spiritual warfare against sin; their weapon is the Bible, the inspired Word of God.