Club Resources

Below you will find some useful resources to help you with the running of a Pathfinder Club. All of the resources are downloadable and you will need Adobe PDF Reader to be able to open them (you can get Adobe Reader here, if you need it). To download them you just need to click on the link and wait for the PDF file to open up in a new page. Once the PDF file is open you can either print directly from the file or you can save the document to your computer.

All of the following documents are quite large and range from 230Kb up to 10Mb - so some of them could take quite a while to open up. If it seems to be taking too long; it's probably just a very large file and you'll need to be patient.

If there is anything that you can't find here and need, or something which you have which you think might be useful to others, please get in touch with us.

Class Work Club Resources Reference
Friend Pathfinder Administrative Manual  UK Storage of Gas Cylinders
Companion Basic Staff Training Manual Sample Teaching Plan 
Explorer Camporee & Fair Manual Teaching Methods 
Ranger Christian Heritage Manual First Aid Kit contents (Northern Ireland) 
Voyager The Pathfinder Story First Aid Kit contents (Republic of Ireland) 
Guide Bible Truths Manual  
Master Guide Junior Bible Studies  
PLA Programming Aids  
APLA  Pathfinder Song  
  Pathfinder Club Emblem Explained