Trans-European Division Internation Pathfinder Camporee

Venue: Keuruu, Finland (see where it is on Google Maps)

Dates: Tuesday 27th July to Tuesday 3rd August 2010 - these are the actual dates of the Camporee. Travelling time to get to and from the Camporee is not yet included in these dates and will needed to be added later, depending on whether the group travels by minibus/coach or by plane to get to there.


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Travel: not sure yet. If by bus/coach this will add another 4-5 days to the time (2/3 days before and after); if by plane then this will add up to 1 extra day before and after the event.

Who's the event for: as this is a Pathfinder Camporee this event is primarily for those who are either starting Pathfinders this year or are currently enrolled in a Pathfinder Club (Friend-Guide; approx 10-15 years old). The minimum age for someone attending the Camporee is that the Pathfinder should 10 years old when the Camporee starts (27 July 2010). Those who are currently doing their Master Guide or hold the Master Guides (or higher) certificate are also eligible to attend the Camporee as either Junior Counsellor's or staff. 16-19 year olds may attend as Junior Counsellor's and there will be a slightly different programme for them. Those Master Guides aged 20+ should apply as staff.